The Requirement

Construction Management Training Institute is a professional organization working towards development of Construction professionals by structured training programs. The brand needed a dynamic yet easy to navigate website that catered to their vast library of CMS and integration requirements seamlessly.

The Challenge

To develop a website structure that was easily navigable by new and existing users. The website was required to capture the brand’s essence and host a plethora of services and study materials offered by the institute.

The Solution

Creation of a logo that was contemporary in nature and resonated with the brand’s line of work, as well as a new website envisioned by state of the art Ui/Ux and graphics, built on custom PHP to host all features and requirements under one collaborative and complementing ecosystem.

The Results


A total of 1,00,000+ website visits in a span of 6 months.


Increase in app downloads through website traffic by 28%


Increase in MAU’s by 15%


Increase in new website visitors by an average of 140 per month.